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Who is BoldMethod?

We're glad you asked. We are an energetic team of software engineers, building custom software that helps businesses like yours reach new heights of success every day.

We like to offer free products so that you can get to know us. Our hope is that you like them so well, you call us for your next custom software project.

How do I find out more?

It's easy, just visit: www.boldmethod.com.

What is AreTheyIn.com?

AreTheyIn.com is the 100% FREE In and Out Board program, giving your company an easy way to rapidly connect co-workers and customers.

Unlimited Users, No Restrictions

There is only one version of the AreTheyIn In-and-Out Board: FREE. There are no user limits, and no feature restrictions. Best of all, setup takes less than five minutes.

Who do You Sell My Information To?

No One! We don't sell information or spam our customers. You wouldn't be a customer long if we did that, would you?

Join Today For Free

If you sign up today, you can have your company running AreTheyIn in less than five minutes, and access to the website is available immediately. So go ahead, set up your company on our In and Out Board today - there is no risk, and it's 100% free!